Simple Relief® Success Stories

General's leg wound prior to treatment with Simple Relief® Wound Clean & Treat. Originally treated 14 days before by a veterinarian on the day of injury, drainage tube still in place. Following photos taken weekly. No oral, intravenous or intramuscular antibiotic support was used by the owner. Owner cleansed the wound 2 - 4 times per day with Simple Relief® Wound Clean & Treat.


Seventh day.

Fourteenth day.

Twenty-first day.

Twenty-eighth day.

Thirty-fifth day.

Forty-second day. Wound closed!

Molly's wound the day of injury. Owner chose no veterinary assessment and cleansed injury daily with Simple Relief® Wound Clean and Treat, followed by an application of Simple Relief® Wound Gel.

Injury day after cleansing.

Seventh day.

Fourteenth day. A pretty face again!

Hurricane's wound five days after injury.  Owner chose no veterinary assessment and began treating daily with Simple Relief® Wound Gel.




Seventh day of treatment.

Fourteenth day.  Looking Good!

Daisy's leg the day of injury. Owner cleansed the wound daily with Simple Relief® Wound Clean & Treat followed by an application of Simple Relief® Wound Gel.

Seventh day. Excellent wound granulation!

Owner's mule with a tangled tail that he referred to as a "real witch's broom". After applying Simple Relief® Detangle & Shine, owner states "it took about 10 minutes to comb out".









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I just wanted to drop you another note to say thanks and let you know how much you helped Missy - not to mention Fenway! Missy's legs, which were covered in mites and urine burns despite my and my vet's best efforts to clean, treat and heal her after her stroke, are now 100% healthy and covered in glossy platinum fur!  It's incredible, and I credit your products with the change.  Thank you.  It's hardly a stretch to say that you prolonged my goat's life! - Marnie, WA
My accident prone horse has hurt himself again, and I know I'm going to run out treating this latest wound. I've come to rely on your magic wound healing gel for all of Cody's nicks and scrapes. It heals things so fast and I don't want to go without. Thanks for all your products! - Amy, WA
Our horse cut himself on some wire fencing. It was about 11 inches long with what the vet called a partial flap, leaving him with an area with no skin to cover the wound. After the vet stitched the cut he told us to keep the whole thing clean as best we could. Our neighbor gave us some of your wound cleaner and gel and we’re very impressed with how quickly he’s healed, even where there was no skin, now its growing back!  Many thanks to Linda for the information about moist wound care. It made a world of difference. - Tyler & Jenny, AR
I returned home from a weekend clinic to find my appaloosa had cut his throat. Thankfully, he didn't cut any major blood vessels. Our vet did a fantastic job of suturing, but was unable to get the wound edges to approximate so there was an open hole the size of a fifty cent piece. As a nurse, I've done my share of wound care and human or horse makes no difference, you're right, keep the bacteria out of the wound and it will heal fast. I irrigated his wound twice a day with the wound clean & treat and it was closed by the 12th day with no scar! Thanks a million!!                - Lynn, TX 
Our farrier recommended your Scratches & Mud Fever for our reoccurring thrush problems. We’re happy to say that after one or two applications of it, depending on the horse, we’ve cured them. Thanks! - Tiffany, OR
I was at a open horse show where part of my award was a bottle of your Detangle & Shine. I think it's the best product I've ever used. I've had a hard time bonding with this new horse but your D/S has help change all that. I never thought aromatherapy could make such a difference in a horses behavior. Tangles out, super soft and shiny coat plus a relaxed horse. I'll never be without!      - Amber, OR
I know it wasn’t made for it, but your scratches & mud fever blend is the only product that’s helped heal my mares canker. I’m back in the saddle again. Thanks Simple Relief! - Sonja, CA

A couple of our ranch geldings seemed to have developed a fly allergy that makes their ventral line itch, seep and get crusty.  We've tried just about every product on the market to make this better, but nothing's worked. In fact, some of them seemed to make it worse. Well, we sprayed Healthy Coat & Skin on it and it's been amazing how the areas have healed up. An added plus was that since the flies hated it so much, we started spraying a light coat on all the horses legs and tails and guess what - no more tick problems.  Truly the best product we've ever used. - Mike, Jim & Larry,  NM

We used Healthy Coat & Skin on a gelding we rescued from a neighbor who fell on hard times. He came with a mild case of what looked like rain rot on his neck and back, you know kinda scaly, no hair, really itchy. He immediately looked more comfortable after the first application. We sprayed it on daily and within a week to ten days new hair growth replaced where there once was scaly scabby skin. This stuff is great!  - John, ID

Just wanted you to know that your wound gel works like magic on all our cuts and scrapes here at the farm.  We love natural products that do what they say they'll do.  Thanks for making something that's just as safe for me as it is for my animals.           - Marrisa,  WA

Many of you riders might feel that the price is to high for a grooming product, but you won't find another product on the market like this Detangle & Shine. A great shine, repels dust, kills those static flyaway's and calms me and my horse. I will never go to another event without it. It' sooo great! Thanks Simple Relief.  - Lori, CA
My mule (Samson) had a huge chunk of his hoof cut out due to a anaerobic abscess. The vet said he'd be laid up for the whole summer. I wished I taken pictures for you, it looked pitiful. I support the use of natural products so I tried your mineral soak and wound gel. I soaked his foot daily, packed it with the gel and covered it with a home made tape boot. It was completely healed in a little over a month. Thanks for proving my vet wrong.  - Marcus, WA
We just had to share our success story with you. One of our eventing horses incurred a chest injury that required 34 stiches plus 2 drain tube sites. We didn’t want to use any chlorhexidine products since it was a deep penetrating wound, so our vet suggested your wound cleanser and gel. We treated him 3x daily for 2 weeks then 2x daily till the drain sites healed. Your products worked great; there is absolutely no scar on our gelding. We just returned from his first show since the accident and everybody was amazed at how well he healed.  Thank you for creating such awesome products.  - William & Maci, NY
I had been dealing with a bad case of scratches on my gelding for over four months. Tried a shelf full of products with nothing ever completely clearing up the problem. The gal at the farm store recommended your scratches relief so I gave it a try. Long story short, finally a product that works! By the third day of treatment the fetlock swelling was gone and the crusty scabs were falling off with nice pink healthy skin showing. I also believe your product kept me safe because my usually calm, bombproof buddy had become very defensive with all the other products I’d tried on him, jumping around & kicking like a mule. But he didn’t try to kick when I used yours and that is a blessing because at my age I can’t move out of the line of fire like I used to. I truly appreciate this product. Bless you. Thank you.  - Margaret, TN
My mini stallion had a long term case of mud fever on his hind leg. I'd used a number of popular products without sucess so when I saw your scratches & mud fever, I  thought maybe something natural could do the job. And it did. The weeping stopped after the 2nd application and by the fourth, the crusty scabs were falling off. From start to finish, it took about eight days to heal my boy. We both thank you.  - Diane, FL
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